Official Rules & Guidelines

·      Registration will be in the lobby every Sunday morning leading to the beginning of gameplay.

·      Gameplay begins Sunday, April 15, and The Challenge List will be made public that day.

·      Gameplay continues through Saturday, April 21.

·      Challenges will include numerous tasks with varying point values based on their difficulty.

·      ALL Challenges must be completed PRIOR to the close of the third service on Sunday, April 22, and ALL Challenge Envelopes MUST be returned to the Amazing Race Station in the lobby.

·      Returned Challenge Envelopes MUST include:

o   A Challenge List (With CLEAR indication of which challenges were completed.)

o   ANY and ALL retrieved documentation (Some challenges will involve obtaining items.)

o   ANY and ALL photograph challenges (Some challenges will involve photographic evidence. Photographs should either be printed out and placed in the Challenge Envelope or submitted via flashdrive. Flashdrives will be returned.)

o   The name & number of ALL participants clearly written on the back of the Challenge Envelope.

·      ALL photos taken as photographic evidence MUST include clear, visible proof of the date on which it was taken: newspaper, cellphone lockscreen, etc.

·      Absolutely NO Challenge Envelopes will be accepted after the close of the third service on Sunday, April 22. Challenge Envelopes can be submitted to the church office on Friday, April 20 from 9am-5pm if necessary.

·      Challenge Envelopes will be reviewed the week of April 23-27. The winning Team AND Family will be based on total point accumulation, and the winning Team AND Family will be announced on Family Sunday the following Sunday. (April 29)

·      Staff families can participate but are exempt from winning.


 To Register:

·      Registration will be every Sunday morning leading to the beginning of gameplay.

·      Participants MUST register to compete as a TEAM or a FAMILY.

o   TEAM – Consists of 2-5 individuals.

o   FAMILY – Consists of family members residing at the same physical address.

·      Participants are allowed to compete in only ONE Team or Family.

The majority of the participants in EACH Team or Family must be attenders of AMBC.