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Benevolence Team: Dave Harris
Give Hope
Benevolence Team: Charles Strickland
Benevolence Team: Charlotte Matthews
Benevolence Team: Jerry Plotnick
Benevolence Team: Tom Kloetzli
Benevolence Team: Duane Hayes
Benevolence Team: Beth Moran

Beth Moran, Tom Kloetzli, Austin (Skip) and Neda Cox, Kris and Bill Owens, Charles Strickland, Jerry Plotnick, Tanya Kurangwa

Our committee was formally started in March of 2014. Prior to that, AMBC’s efforts in Benevolence were managed on a case by case basis by the ministerial staff as needed.

Render financial assistance to those in need or time of crisis to those who are members of our regularly attend AMBC

We provide financial and physical support to those in need within our church family. We have paid bills, provided food, clothing, shelter and transportation.

We have also provided furniture and medical support. We also refer our clients to other organizations that can provide assistance.

Areas of assistance include, providing local transportation to doctors’ appointments, food banks, shopping , work and anywhere someone might need to go. Often we get calls during the day that someone might need help with an issue that requires immediate assistance. In that instance we send out an email to the team to see if someone is in the local area and available to assist. We never know what the needs might be and what form assistance may take. Sometimes we need people who are willing and available to help at a moment’s notice.

Not all our assistance is last minute however, helping people move, providing bicycles, providing financial counselling, providing daily contact and encouragement to our clients is always needed as well. We like to assign each of our families to specific members of our team to maintain regular contact with them and see how they progress on a daily or weekly basis.

Members and regular attenders of AMBC are our primary focus.

Sometimes, friends and families of members and regular attenders are assisted depending on type of need.

We have a formalized and established Benevolence Policy and Procedure along with an Application for Assistance . No assistance is rendered unless the applicant completes an application. Each application is reviewed and approved by members of the committee for assistance. Sometimes, applicants are assigned to team members for follow up and to maintain contact, to act as a kind of sponsor or champion.

We are financed through budgeted church funds and special designated contributions to I NEED.

We also leverage other community resources in the provision of services to our clients. We attempt to educate those in need about other organizations in the Salisbury area that provide similar services. Organizations like HALO, Salvation Army, Shore Up, Joseph House, Life Crisis, etc.

We actively support the local homeless shelters.

  • Provide holistic support
  • Understand the whole person and their needs
  • Rehabilitate not enable
  • Instill a feeling of accountability and responsibility
  • Create opportunity to involve others
  • Give of our time, talent and treasure
  • Share information at every opportunity
  • Leverage existing support organizations in our church and community
  • Love the person
  • Share Christ

Contributions to the I NEED account at church make all this possible. If you can’t give but can help spread the word to others who might. 

Promote friends of Benevolence. Pledge to give a minimum contribution of $1 a day on a regular basis to I NEED.

We have need of individuals who can help us serve our families in need. 

We are seeking local businesses to support our cause by contributing a set amount each month.

You can support or efforts through the contribution of household items, furniture, bedding, food , bicycles when solicited. 

We can also use workers as needed. 

We have need of a free storage facility to keep items collected for future distribution.