Our Staff

Senior Pastor

Dr. William Warren - Senior Pastor

My name is Bill Warren. I have served as the Senior Pastor of Allen since 1984. In 1997, God gave a vision to relocate the church and to lead us to become a cell church - a church of small groups who pursue all five purposes of the church: evangelism, worship, ministry, discipleship, and fellowship. I am very excited about our future and the dream the Lord has given me called, "Share 1000": that our church members would share the gospel with 1000 people.

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Executive Pastor

Bruce Glisson - Executive Pastor

Hi, my name is Bruce and I am the Executive Pastor. I have the great opportunity to work with everyone who serves at Allen on Sundays and during the week. I also work with everyone who is interested in going out and serving in our local community and to the uttermost parts of the world.

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Senior Associate Pastor

Michael Sove - Senior Associate Pastor

My name is Michael Sove. I previously planted and rescued churches in Indiana and Ohio and came here in 2006 as Cell Pastor (Pastor of Groups). I am passionate about seeing people discipled, leaders raised up and new groups started. I have a big heart for missions.  My favorite activities are walking, reading and golfing. I love spending time with people, especially my wife.  

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Student Pastor

Danny Pace - Student Pastor

Hey everyone. I'm Danny Pace, Student Pastor at Allen. I work with our youth (7th-12th) and college students. My family is originally from Kentucky but love the Eastern Shore and our church! I graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Western Kentucky University in Religion and later received a Masters of Theology from Campbellsville University. My lovely wife Angie and I have three boys: Christian, Cory, & Caleb. Hope to meet you soon.

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Children's Pastor

Cheryl Tolbert - Children's Pastor

Hi, I'm Cheryl Tolbert and I am the Children's Pastor at Allen Memorial. I get to work with kids and have fun every Sunday!

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Corey Murphy - Worship & Media Pastor

coming soon

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Choir Director & Traditional Worship Leader

Alice Wigfield - Choir Director & Traditional Worship Leader

Greetings, my name is Alice Wigfield and I am the Choir Director and Traditional Worship Leader for the 9:00 service at Allen Memorial. I also teach music grades 4-12 at Holly Grove Christian School with an award winning high school Honors Choir and teach Survey of the Bible to 7th grade.

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First Steps Director

Jancy Glisson - First Steps Director

Hi, my name is Jancy and I am the First Steps Director at Allen. I am blessed to be able to work with children birth through 5 years old as well as the many servants that love, teach and care for the little ones each Sunday, Wednesday and during special events. Please feel free to contact me for more information or if you are interested in serving.

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Ministry Assistant

Robin Boone - Ministry Assistant

Hello! I'm Robin Boone and I work at Allen as the Ministry Assistant. Up until March 2011 I worked for 20 years in various capacities with a statewide mentoring organization. I moved to the Shore in 2006 with my awesome son, Daniel Josiah, and we have made this our home. We love it here, especially the beaches - we've become "beach bums!" The Shore is truly a great place to raise children. I am passionate about the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my life. I love to sing for and to Him. I enjoy expressing my love for Him in any way that I can! I love to be a blessing to others.

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