About AMSM


Our student ministry has three main components: Our Sunday morning youth service, our weekly LifeGroups (for youth and college), and our student activities. Combined, these elements are central to the vision of our student ministry, which mirrors the vision of our church “To be a church of Spirit-Filled, Soul Seekers who make Disciples...who make Disciples."

Spirit-Filled: Once a student has accepted Christ, great care is taken to develop within them the character of Christ. We strive to daily surrender to the Holy Spirit for holiness. AMSM guides this process through instruction in the disciplines of the Christian faith and our LifeGroups.
Soul Seekers: At the heart of everything we do is the desire to have students connect to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We believe in evangelizing students AND their families, as well as leading students share the Good News of Jesus Christ daily.

Disciple Makers: As students are connected to Christ, our goal is to disciple and train them into spiritually mature followers of Christ through studying God's Word and spiritual mentoring. We believe it is essential that we grow in our daily walk with Christ through Bible study, prayer, & communal living.


AMSM Sunday Mornings: Our youth ministry currently has a joint service for both Jr. & Sr. High on Sunday mornings during the 10:30 AM service hour. (Doors open at 10:15 AM) This is essentially church for teens. We typically allow several minutes after the youth first arrive to socialize, enjoy Studio 707, and purchase food/drinks from the cafe. The service doesn't always stick to the same format, however the elements remain the same: announcements, worship, prayer, scripture reading, & the message. Our youth praise band (composed of students) leads our worship time together, and our messages are biblically centered, as well as, generationally relevant.

Youth LifeGroups: Our youth cell groups meet on Wednesday nights in Studio 707 during the regular school year. Youth arrive at 6:30 PM in order to enjoy a time of fellowship before things get started. Around 6:45 PM, we call youth together for fun, games, giveaways, announcements and worship before dividing youth into smaller groups. Youth LifeGroups are as follows: 7th & 8th Grade Girls, 9th & 10th Grade Girls, 11th & 12th Grade Girls, 7th & 8th Grade Boys, 9th & 10th Grade Boys, and 11th & 12th Grade Boys. Each of these areas are led by two adult leaders. Service concludes at 8:30 PM, and students are expected to be picked up by 9:00 PM. Youth LifeGroups are a time of sharing, reflecting, discipleship, prayer, and in-depth Bible study for our youth.

College & Millennial LifeGroup: This group meets on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM. This group caters to college-aged individuals to young professionals and singles. There is always a time of prayer, corporate worship, and Bible study. (Not to mention lots of laughs.) Although the study typically wraps up around 9:00 PM, you can always find students hanging out afterward.

AMSM Activities: During the year, there are many opportunities for youth to build relationships, discover new life in Christ, grow in their faith, and serve. Activities are planned monthly for youth with the intentions of spurring growth in four spiritual areas: relationship building, evangelism, discipleship, and mission/service. Although many of our scheduled events meet several of these criteria, every activity planned meets one of these objectives. In addition to our Calendar of Events, LifeGroup leaders schedule activities for their individual groups as well.


The AMSM staff believes that these aspects of the Christian walk are best fostered when youth are able to build relationships with Godly men and women - “Spiritual Role Models." We believe these relationships are most effective when their spiritual role models are their parents. This is why AMSM believes so strongly in ministering to families, equipping parents, and encouraging parental involvement in our ministry.

The AMSM staff want desperately to come along side parents, partnering with them in spiritually discipling their child. Therefore, our ministry meets with the parents of our youth once a quarter in order to pray for our youth, share struggles, inform of upcoming activities, and equip parents with resources. It is our hope that we can help parents produce incredible men and women of God.