Parent Resources

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (CPYU) - A Christian website focused on helping parents and youth understand one another.

Focus on the Family - Dr. James Dobson's family focused ministry, resourcing parents of children of any age.

Plugged In Online - Wondering about a song, TV show, game, or movie that your child is interested in? This website gives you parental reviews including breakdowns of questionable content.

Real World Parents - This site is maintained by one of the leading names in youth ministry, Youth Specialties. You will not be disappointed with the information and encouragement you'll find here.

By Parents/For Parents - A great source of information about living with teens. However, use this resource with an understanding that not all content will be from a Christian worldview.

Parenting Today's Teen - This is a resource site by Mark Gregston of Heartlight Ministries. A great place for some good parenting practices and skills.

Surviving the Teen Years - A basic informative article to help you navigate your child's teen years.


General Permission Form for events outside the city or when students are transported by AMSM Staff.

Permission Form w/ Medical Release for major AMSM events (camps, theme parks, etc.) and traveling outside the state.

AMSM Calendar of events. (Events & dates are subject to change as needed.)

Student Resources

Relevant - Their catch phrase is God, Life, & Progressive Culture. This online companion to Relevant Magazine covers faith, popular culture, social issues, politics, music and more.

Reach Records - One of Christian music's top resources for Rap and HipHop with the focus of furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

GodTube - All of the same video formats and availability as YouTube but without all of the questionable content. Cheesy title, but great site...with comedians.

Tooth & Nail Records - A leading provider of intense, cutting edge, Christian music. These guys carry some of the best artists from: folk to electronica to scream. Christian music 'teens' will like.

The Rebelution - Josh & Brett Harris are two brothers who wrote a blog for Christian young people and started a movement of youth against apathy and low expectations.

JCTV - Your online Christian television network. These guys offer devotions, podcasts, videos, and resources for Christian young people. Check out the music videos!

Every Student - A great benefit for college students struggling with their faith in a world of philosophical, secular education.

Got Questions for Teens - Not just for students... A one stop resource for all your questions about faith, doctrine, theology, and Christianity.

Staff Resources

Youth Specialties - This resource has been around forever. Chances are you sat under these teaching tools when 'you' were a youth. Check out the material.

YouthWorker - This website offers incredible insight into how to teach and understand your youth. Here you will find games, lessons, and ideas to facilitate your group.

The Source for Youth Ministry - Otherwise known as 'The Source,' these guys take all the guess work out of working with teens. A great place to start exploring your passion for youth ministry.